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Leftovers Courtesy of Countryside Online & Miranda Gore Browne, along with customers' specials.

We know that because of the constant changes to who can gather for Christmas that some may be looking for new ways to use up any leftover turkey!

Can I suggest you check out the wonderful Miranda Gore Browne’s turkey recipes below (and do have a look at her scrumptious cakes and other yummy things too!). She publishes new recipes in the equally brilliant and informative NFU Countryside Magazine every month so please do have a look and be inspired. If you would like further details of her cakes and biscuits, do have a look at Miranda’s website.

Miranda Gore Browne

Miranda is a food writer, home-baking expert, director of The Kitchen School and passionate foodie. She was also a finalist on the first series of The Great British Bake Off. Miranda has written two books, Biscuit and Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can both published by Ebury Press. 

Cheats Risotto, Thai Curry, Bubble and Squeak, and Goose Biryani are submissions from our customers.