Checking the stock on a sunny Autumn day

Checking the stock on a sunny Autumn day

3 day old turkeys keeping warm under the heat lamps

3 day old turkeys keeping warm under the heat lamps



Collect from the farm gate on:

Tue 22nd Dec 8 am – 7 pm
Wed 23rd Dec 8 am – 7 pm
Thu 24th Dec 8 am – 2 pm

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Christmas is Not Cancelled!
Drive Through Collection

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Whole Turkeys, Crowns, Butterflies and Boned & Rolled Joints.

Early Bird Discount

for birds ordered and paid for

by 14th November 2020

Christmas is Not Cancelled!

There is no doubt that 2020 is proving to be a challenging year for everyone! However, our poultry range remains the same as ever with fresh free range bronze and white turkeys, which are available as whole birds, crowns, boned and rolled joints or butterflies. We also have our free range geese and ducks as normal.

Because of COVID-19, we are going to be making some changes to our system this Christmas. The main one, to reduce the need for contact in the shop, means we will be offering a drive through collection. Customers will not be required to leave their car. On driving in, we will ask for your name and order number and you will be directed through a one-way system around the farmyard to the collection point where we will put the turkey/goose in your car boot.

The other change is, unfortunately, this year we will not be offering our fresh gammon or accompaniments such as sausages or bacon. We MAY have frozen accompaniments available for purchase on the collection days but will be reviewing this nearer the time and will update the website accordingly.

Lastly, if you want to avoid the Christmas rush and collect your fresh turkey in November to freeze down we will offer you a £10 discount. If you wish to take advantage of this, please contact Alex directly on 01730 268131.


At Ashford Farm, all of our poultry is free range. Our turkeys (both bronze and white) come in from a British hatchery as day old chicks in June and are slow growing traditional breeds, often being around double the age of those reared intensively. The fact that they are allowed to mature slowly and have daily access to our fields below the beautiful Ashford Hangers, mean they grow into plump, rounded turkeys with a natural layer of fat, which makes for a flavoursome and tasty final product.

We try and give our turkeys as natural a life as possible so they wander in and out of the barn for food, (which is predominately milled from our own oats and wheat grown in nearby fields) during the day. If you walk down our lane you will see them out in the field but watch out as they can be perched on the fences (a form of turkey oneupmanship!) or found in our yard having a dust bath in the wood shavings!

When the time comes, our turkeys are slaughtered on farm by licensed slaughtermen so that stress is kept to an absolute minimum and, obviously, no travelling is involved. Our birds are dry plucked for a quality finish and hung for a minimum of 7 days to allow the flavour to develop. We provide our turkeys dressed and oven ready in individual boxes with giblets and cooking instructions included.

Thanksgiving, early bird or New Year birds are available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas Specials

from £57.50

Turkey Crown

Our free range turkey crowns are the perfect alternative if you don’t want to cook a whole bird.
With our turkey crowns, we joint the bird so you have the breast joint with the wings attached.
Unless otherwise requested, we will provide you with the leg joints separately wrapped so you can freeze them and use them after Christmas
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White and Bronze Turkeys

Free range, slow growing traditional turkeys
As fully mature, our turkeys put down a natural layer of fat which makes for a tasty, flavoursome bird and reduces cooking time.
Our bronze turkeys have a slightly “gamier” flavour and, whilst still very much a white meat, they have a slight speckling to the meat which is down to the dark feathers.
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Our geese come in from a hatchery in Norfolk as day old goslings in April. As soon as they “feather up” they have daily access to our fields below the Ashford Hangers.
As well as the grass, the geese are fed on a diet predominately milled from our own wheat and oats, which we grow and harvest locally.
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Henry's Duck

Henry started his duck enterprise with four ducks – one hatched (Quack Quack), one bought and two given to him by fellow farmer, Richard Jones. When the two ducks started laying a couple of years ago we thought it would be fun to hatch some of the eggs in the incubator. We didn’t realise quite how prolific they would be!!
Henry is now aged 14 and we have a flock of ducks comprising of Aylesburys and Indian Runners, both hatched and bought in as day old ducklings.
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