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Henry’s Ducks

11 year old Henry started his duck enterprise with four ducks - one hatched (Quack Quack), one bought and two given to him by fellow farmer, Richard Jones.  When the two ducks started laying this spring we thought it would be fun to hatch some of the eggs in the incubator.  We didn't realise quite how prolific they would be!!

It is amazing just how many eggs two ducks can lay over the course of a spring and summer and we've ended up with around 80 ducks, plus a few Indian Runners and Appleyards from eggs bought in for good measure!

Henry has wanted to be a farmer for the whole of his life and has always helped Simon with the cattle, sheep and turkeys, so it was just another step for him to look after his duck flock!

We will be keeping some of the ducks back for laying and hope to have duck eggs available for sale from the farm gate (along with our free range chicken eggs) in the spring.  In the meantime, we will be selling some of Henry's ducks in the shop at Christmas time - we anticipate they will weigh between 2.5 - 3 kg, so if you would like to give one a try please check out our ordering page.  Henry will be thrilled if you will support his budding business!

Locally hatched and reared. Available in our online shop - here.