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Fresh Free Range Quality Turkeys, Geese, Beef, Lamb & Pork

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Christmas Free Range Turkeys

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How they grow

This year we will have around 1,000 turkeys and 130 geese.  Both the turkeys and geese arrive as day olds from a British hatchery.  They are reared initially under heat lamps until they “feather up” when they are released outside.

All our turkeys and geese are completely free range and have daily access to our fields below the Hangers. Some turkeys choose to perch on our boundary fences (which can be quite a shock to unsuspecting walkers along the lane!)  Others make their way into our garden where they delight in dust baths in the herbaceous border!    At night the turkeys sleep in polytunnels where they have straw bales to perch on which allows them to follow their natural instinct to roost above the ground.

Our birds are allowed to mature slowly - they will be a minimum of 25 weeks old, which can be double the age of those reared intensively.  They are processed on the farm which reduces the stress and need for transportation.  All our birds are hung for a minimum of 7 days in a temperature controlled chiller which allows the full flavour of the meat to develop.  The turkeys and geese are dry plucked and hand finished, before being wrapped in greaseproof paper with giblets separately packed, and individually boxed with cooking instructions (for those undertaking Christmas lunch for the first time!).

Our aim is for our turkeys and geese to have the very best life possible and to be reared to the highest standards.  We hope this will reflect in the finished product and that you will agree that an Ashford Farm free range turkey or goose provides an exceptional Christmas dinner.


Our free range geese offer the traditional alternative for Christmas, complete with ‘Goose Fat’ for the Roast potatoes.

Weights available:

13 lbs - 18 lbs (5.9 kg - 8.2kg)

Our birds are supplied dressed, oven ready and individually boxed with cooking instructions and the goose fat.

Geese weights include giblets and goose fat, which can be up to approximately 2lbs in weight.


Our free range bronze and white turkeys are equally delicious!  However, the bronze birds have a slightly darker meat and a more “gamey” flavour.

Weights available:

11 lbs - 24 lbs (5.0 kg - 11 kg)

Our birds are supplied dressed, oven ready with the giblets inside and individually boxed with cooking instructions.

Turkey Crowns are available and are priced on original bird weight and include the legs.

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